My friends have nicknamed me the Triple Box, because I am Black, I am Female and Disabled. Now you can see this as a hindrance or a blessing and to be honest most days I live in the middle. I love my ethnic background, it has taken me a while to embrace my ‘Blackness’ and bask in its awesomeness. True my skin can get me noticed for all the wrong reasons yet my focus is on the wonderful, rich and creative culture I belong to. Intrigued? Good, my blogs will explain this in depth so please keep reading.

Phenomenal Woman – ok so I’m not comfortable accepting that title just yet. Even though I fully relate to the poem, Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou and celebrate being a woman, I don’t feel I have done anything phenomenal yet. I am a feminist not the bra burning type though, do you know how much they cost 😱

I stand up for equal rights for women. I support, care for and if necessary speak out against injustice on behalf of others, sharing their stories as well as my own

I have many health problems that have eaten away at my independence and my youth. However I am determined to live my life to the  best of my ability so I see my challenges as motivation rather than reasons to weep.

Ok, so now you’re probably concerned this blog is a bit too deep for you; but before you run off, please check out some of my posts because I’ve hopefully woven enough humour in with the seriousness that I will keep you smiling for a very long time. 😊