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I Call It Poo’mageddon

Ok, so I wasn’t going to share this experience (because it’s yucky), but if it makes even one person think and, hopefully, change it be worth it.


Ok, oh and be warned, this is not a nice story.

Yesterday, I had to go to the doctors. On my way home I waited for the bus, but I was refused entry because there was another wheelchair on board. Instead of waiting for the next one, I let Hope take me home; only she was feeling quite generous and brought a ‘present’ with her.

I didn’t discover this gift until I was inside, and the smell revealed the mess I was about to spend ages cleaning up.

Guessed it yet?

Yup, dog poop!

It was sooooooo bad I felt sick!

I was completely on my own, and had no choice but to try and rid my home of this foul gooey mess.

I used my dustpan to get rid of most of it. Hooray for my automatic front door, that helped big time.

The worst was the smears of poop on the floor. I cleaned that with multipurpose spray cleaner, disposable cloths and my crutch (walking stick). My long handled grabber helped me pick up the rest of the debris.

Just when I entered smug land after creatively clearing up the mess, in the words of my favourite childhood comedian (answers on a post card please) “there’s more.” And it was awful, as it was stuck inside the wheel and a gloved hand was not the solution (Do Not Ask!) so I used wooden skewers, wrapped in disposable cloths, and more of the multipurpose spray to clean the wheel.

This morning, my floors and bins needed a good cleaning, but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday.

Dog owners, please clean up after your pets!

Many a fellow wheeler have told me the same happened to them too, and some of them have manual chairs. Their poor hands…

Sorry for this yucky story I am now calling Poo’maggeddon.

What’s your yuckiest experience?

At the tender age of three, Leanna Benjamin knew her place was in the limelight and that nothing else would do. From her parents' living room in Leicester, she pirouetted her way straight through school into the BBC. Just as her dreams were coming to fruition, a simple case of the flu triggered a debilitating illness that has left her with life changing consequences. Leanna Benjamin is a Graeae Theatre Write to Play alum, and a Leeds Playhouse Fuse Writer, but this is not the synopsis for her new play - it is the story of her life. And she wants to share it with you.

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