Leanna Benjamin is a UK based blog focused on Leanna’s life and her work. There is also a section where we feature products Leanna likes and her reviews of some of them. The posts cover a range of personal, professional and political* topics; and the tone of voice ranges from dead serious to downright silly.
Leanna has been blogging sporadically since 2009, but it took her ten years to find her voice and chalk up the courage to put her name on her own words. With we have tried to build a platform where she can build a personal brand, showcase her work and use her voice to help inspire people to make better choices and live happier lives.
As far as influencers go, Leanna is still a small creator with just over 1500 loyal followers and a social reach of around 5000**. The follower demographic is currently predominantly black UK/US based 30+ women.
Our ambition is to keep growing the blog and the social media presence organically, offering content that people can relate to, take comfort in and learn from.
Leanna loves nothing more than to make people laugh, and she doesn’t mind sharing her many mishaps, misfortunes and misunderstandings to that end.


Leanna welcomes suggestions for work, collaborations and brand partnerships as long as they fit in with her profile and don’t go against her personal beliefs.*** is, in many ways, her Dear Diary, and the content revolves around Leanna’s personal and professional life and her inquisitive nature.

It is important to Leanna that the reader can recognise her voice and be met with that same Leanna style they fell in love with and grew accustomed to. To that end, we will review all offers based on their own merits and ask ourselves two questions: Does it fit in with the central themes of the platform? and Does it support/supplement Leanna’s fundamental values and beliefs?

Leanna normally says yes to interviews, especially if they can be done via phone or video call. To what extent she can do interviews in person depends on when and where, and is ultimately determined by accessibility and her not very co-operative body. To date, she has done radio, newspaper, magazine and special interest interviews. She has modelled for a photo exhibition; participated in focus groups and discussion panels; and even facilitated workshops.

Requests from fellow writers and creative industry professionals are particularly welcome.


Collaborative opportunities from content creators and/or industry professionals are always welcome; and reviewed on the same basis as outlined in Media & Work Enquiries above.

The words in are Leanna’s own, and we want to keep that authentic voice in here. This makes us reluctant to accept guest posts where we have no control over the content. We are, however, open to the idea of accepting (or swapping) material that can be paraphrased or reworded to fit our own style.

Leanna likes creative marketing, so ideas for fun/entertaining/interesting collabs that would please our followers whilst giving us both increased exposure are of particular interest.

Creative industry professionals and fellow spoonies looking for collaborative partners – hit me up!


Leanna regularly writes about brands she likes, and products she has used, that she believes would be of interest to her followers. To that end, we welcome offers of brand partnerships and are happy to promote products Leanna has tried and found to be good for her followers.

We are open to writing sponsored posts and/or to have product placements in blog posts and videos; and Leanna is happy to review products or brands she has experienced and deemed to be of value to her followers.

As previously mentioned, it is important to us that stays authentically Leanna, and that all blog posts and videos are her own. We do not accept ready-made copy, ads or infographics unless Leanna really likes them; and we won’t write or talk about products or brands she has no experience of. To that end, you need to be prepared to send product samples if you want a review or feature on, in Leanna’s videos or on her social media platforms.



Leanna Benjamin is first and foremost a private person, and her main focus is to develop her writing and see more of her work come to life on stage. Her social media platform is a combined marketing tool and social network that is used to showcase her work, build her brand and spread awareness of causes close to her heart.

All posts, including sponsored ones, are written by Leanna in her own voice. She does not provide copy for approval, and she never publishes pre-written content.

Although Leanna often writes and talks about products and brands just because she likes them, or thinks they may be useful to her followers, we do not offer coverage in exchange for free products or tickets etc.

If you send something that we have not agreed to review or promote, you do so at your own risk. We may mention it (e.g in an unboxing video/post) and we may not. We know there is a widespread misconception about influencers suggesting they all work for free exposure, but this is of course not true.

As an ME/CFS sufferer, Leanna needs to be very careful with her time and frugal with her resources. She does not work for free and can neither promise to always be available nor to always be able to keep deadlines. That is the reality of living with ME/CFS.

There are three main reasons why we accept work, collabs and partnerships:

1. To keep reaching new audiences and allow Leanna’s brand to grow

2. To provide fun/useful/interesting etc content to our followers

3. To help cover the costs of running this platform 

We will never accept any kind of work, collaboration or contract that goes against Leanna’s personal values, or breaks ASA/ Google/Amazon guidelines.

All collaborative work will always be clearly disclosed, and any links included will be nofollow.

If you’ve made it all the way here, and we haven’t managed to scare you off, you are more than welcome to get in touch to discuss your proposal.

* has no ties to any political party, but due to the nature of this platform we regularly speak truth to power and advocate for a more accessible and inclusive environment.

** Figures as of 31/12/2019

*** Leanna upholds the Christian values and believes in respect, responsibility, self-control and moderation, honesty and integrity, kindness and compassion, contentment and thankfulness, patience and perseverance, peace and humility, loyalty and commitment.