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Mid Week Meal Prep

In the last 24 hrs I have made a huge pot of mince and used some of it to make lasagne.

I have roasted a whole butternut squash: half was used to make a huge pot of my yummy soup, the other half is mashed and ready to be added to the cooling mashed parsnips. They are going on top of some of the remaining mince to make a lighter Shepherds Pie. The rest of the mince will be added to pasta.

I have also pickled radishes and made myself a nice cuppa tea.


Most of these goodies are going in my freezer so I have quick healthy meals when I need them, plus this is cooking on the cheap. Yay!!!

PS Anyone want some pickled radishes just let me know.

PPS Who is this organised person??? Or is this my way of dealing with my impatience?

Yes, there is a story there too…

Mi soon come 😉😜😂

Those that know¬†🤐



At the tender age of three, Leanna Benjamin knew her place was in the limelight and that nothing else would do. From her parents' living room in Leicester, she pirouetted her way straight through school into the BBC. Just as her dreams were coming to fruition, a simple case of the flu triggered a debilitating illness that has left her with life changing consequences. Leanna Benjamin is a Graeae Theatre Write to Play alum, and a Leeds Playhouse Fuse Writer, but this is not the synopsis for her new play - it is the story of her life. And she wants to share it with you.

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