The Barbershop Chronicles

I remember this night, two years ago, watching The Barbershop Chronicles at the West Yorkshire Theatre.

This play is soooooo good! Did you miss it? If yes, check out Leeds Play House in November (get you tickets in advance they will sell out quickly.) I might have to see it again?

Here’s what I wrote about it exactly two years ago today:

So I took a sneaky selfie before The Barbershop Chronicles started tonight at the West Yorkshire Theatre and I want to see it again it seriously was that good.

People of Leeds seriously (I’m not on commission) I can’t recommend this ‘play’ highly enough. Its full of rich characters, and brilliant writing, that dispels stereotypes, entertains whilst educating you and surrounds you with a wealth of culture that just makes you smile.

Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself !


At the tender age of three, Leanna Benjamin knew her place was in the limelight and that nothing else would do. From her parents' living room in Leicester, she pirouetted her way straight through school into the BBC. Just as her dreams were coming to fruition, a simple case of the flu triggered a debilitating illness that has left her with life changing consequences. Leanna Benjamin is a Graeae Theatre Write to Play alum, and a Leeds Playhouse Fuse Writer, but this is not the synopsis for her new play - it is the story of her life. And she wants to share it with you.

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